Monday, 30 November 2009

Don Skenker spouts his drivel in The People.

Don turns up to deliver the right on message on the demon drink for HM Govt, in The People, Another 30 pieces of silver well earned there Don.

All cans and bottles of booze MUST carry health warnings by law from next year.

The drinks industry will be forced to give alerts on beer and spirits just like those on cigarette packs.

Ministers plan to get tough after the failure of a voluntary scheme first proposed in 2004 and only patchily implemented in 2008.

There is the problem, the scheme was supposed to be voluntary, however as the drinks industry did not choose to follow the puritanical line of New Labour and highly paid non job quango heads like Don, they have chosen to legislate instead.

And the usual lies are rolled on out to back up their measures:
Drink-related fatalities, such as those from liver disease and road accidents, have TREBLED over the last 25 years. And alcohol abuse in the UK is among the highest in Europe.
Depends on how you read the figures, play with stats enough and you can produce any result you like. Who knows they might be faking global warming data next.
Don Shenker of Alcohol Concern quango, funded by your tax money said: "The death toll is unacceptably high. And the worst part is that all of these deaths are avoidable."
Sadly paying for Don spouting his utter shit in the press is not avoidable.

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