Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Don Shenker - Fake charity shitspouter forces Everton to remove sign

Don the self appointed spokesperson and censor rattles his cage:
Everton FC have removed an advert for a super strength spirit from Goodson Park after concern was raised by alcohol campaingers.

The Toffees had be criticised over the billboard advert for the the 89.9% 'Hapsburg Absinthe' on a hoarding mounted above the Family Enclosure.

Absinthe, nicknamed "devil water", is notorious for its dangerously high alcohol content and was outlawed in the UK until 1998.

Last year, Everton announced that they were the first Premiership club to remove their shirt sponsor, Chang Beer, from their replica shirts, to shield youngsters from alcohol promotion.

Alcohol Concern campaign group Chief Executive Don Shenker had criticised the placement of the Absinthe advert in Everton's family enclosure.

Mr Shenker said: "There's no point removing drinks logos from shirts if advertising hoardings are promoting to children one of the strongest drinks around.

"The heavy marketing and promotion of alcohol, combined with low prices - are encouraging young people to drink at a level our health services are struggling to cope with.

"A ban on sponsorship of sports by drinks companies would be a good start.

"Some countries like France have already banned alcohol-related sports sponsorship and have proved sports can survive without it.

"A complete ban on alcohol sponsorship of sport and music events will put a stop to alcohol companies associating the glamour of sport with drinking alcohol."

A family values group had also called for the advert to be taken down.

Dr Adrian Rogers of Family Focus said: "It's a matter of being consistent - if you refuse to advertise alcohol on childrens' shirts then you should not advertise it where parents go to watch games with their children."

Last month, the lethal beverage was banned in New Zealand after a teenager was left fighting for his life after repeatedly downing shots of the spirit.

The dangerous drink also contributed to the death of a Grimsby father-of-three Martyn Hurst, 49, who died last month after consuming excessive amounts of the drink following a friend's funeral.

Earlier this month, the British Medical Association launched a bid to have a total ban on alcohol advertising in the public domain including at music events and football matches.

Professor Gerard Hastings of the BMA said: "Given the alcohol industry spends £800 million a year in promoting alcohol in the UK, it is no surprise that children and young people see it everywhere on TV, billboards or football sponsorship deals.

"All these promotional activities serve to normalise alcohol as an essential part of every day life. It is no surprise that young people are drawn to alcohol."

A spokesman for Everton FC confirmed that the club have removed the sign from the section but refused to comment.

Note that Don is not a politician, no one voted for Don, no one elected Don to any public office - he is an employee of a quango that receives most of its funding from the public purse.

Everton need to put their hands down their trousers and see if they still have any testicles left, oh no it would appear they have been neutered by Don Shenker the fake charity puritanical shitspouter.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Don Shenker - Fake charity shitspouter and his unpant sniffing friends.
Portman Group chairman Seymour Fortescue has been booked to speak at an event tackling the issue of women who binge-drink.

Charity the YWCA is hosting the ‘Women Finding Solutions to Binge Drinking’ conference on October 21.

YWCA chief executive Sarah Payne said: “We are really excited that Mr Fortescue has agreed to speak. He will provide a valuable insight as chairman of the Portman Group.

“Excessive drinking is a concern to everyone, including drinks manufacturers, and it is good to see that they, represented by the Portman Group, will be involved in our conference.”

Fortescue said: “The drinks industry has a legitimate and significant role to play in combating alcohol misuse. Effective industry self-regulation is vitally important. I shall be discussing this and how drinks manufacturers can develop partnerships to tackle the drinking culture.”

He joins speakers including Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, Sara Thornton, the Chief Constable of Thames Valley; and Don Shenker, Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern.

The conference will be held at Central Hall, Westminster, London. Further details are available on

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Splat - Don like a zit on the face of teen bursts forth.

I knew it would not take banning little puritan Don long to pop forth with more antibeer bile and like a hate filled puss loaded zit, here is quango boss Don with another load of self appointed, unelected regulators: From the Morning Advertiser

A powerful alliance of health campaigners and a top policeman are urging the Government not to shelve its mandatory alcohol retailing code.

It’s in response to a leaked document that shows Business Secretary Lord Mandelson calling for the introduction of the controversial measure, which is expected to add more costs to firms, to be delayed due to the recession.

Campaigners accused Business Secretary Lord Mandelson of “pandering to big business concerns” and say delay would be a “costly error”.

The group — made of Association of Chief Police Officers’ Mike Craik, Alcohol Health Alliance chief Ian Gilmore, Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker and Alison Rogers, chief executive of the British Liver Trust — expressed their view in a joint letter to the Times.

The code would force pubs to follow conditions, including offering smaller drinks servings and curbs on drinks promotions, including all-you-can-drink deals.

The letter says Mandelson’s call for the code to be shelved “is a matter of concern for those interested in reducing the rate of crime, health harm and anti-social behaviour on our streets".

It says the code “was already a long overdue measure” when it was announced six months ago.
“Delaying the measure until 2011 — effectively shelving it indefinitely — would be a costly error and appears to pander to big business concerns over profit at the expense of safer streets and public health.

The usual shower of the self appointed, the righteous and members of the police who have gotten above their station and forget their job is to enforce the law not create it.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Don Shenker - Fake charity shitspouter at the Welsh Arsembly.

From Brew Wales.Today in the Welsh Assembly the first formal meeting of the Cross-Party Welsh Assembly Beer and Pub Group takes place. An informal meeting was held earlier in the year to gauge support for the pub and drinks industry in the Assembly and the subjects for discussion today include tax and regulation to the beer tie and responsible retailing. Other subjects on the agenda include career paths in the pub sector, responsible selling of alcohol and the plans in Scotland, and promoting locally-sourced produce.

All 60 Welsh Assembly Members have been invited to the meeting. Speakers will include Enterprise licensee Phil Jones of Fair Pint, who secured a temporary 38% rent cut after a long-running dispute. He’ll discuss “the pros and cons of pubcos”.

Justin Grant, of the Breconshire Brewery, who chairs the Association of Welsh Independent Brewers, is due at the meeting, alongside representatives of larger brewers SABMiller, SA Brains and Coors.

The British Beer & Pub Association and Fake Charity Alcohol Concern are also due to attend. Alcohol Concern have a vested interest in appearing as according to 2007/8 figures 57% of their income came from the taxpayer. No doubt Don Shenker***, Chief Executive of the Government-funded fake charity will be trying to get some funding from the Welsh Assembly Government at the meeting today for his new fake charity, Alcohol Concern Cymru.

Some information regarding the fake charity Alcohol Concern:
"Alcohol Concern supports banning happy hour, raising the price of alcohol, lowering the drink drive limit, banning glass bottles in pubs, warning labels on cans and bottles and banning TV advertising before 9pm. It described the ban on happy hour promotions as "a step in the right direction" and the introduction of cigarette-style warning labels on bottles as "a very good first step".
Basically they epitomise the nanny state along with everything that is wrong about this country today and would not exist if their Government-funding dried up.

Nine AMs are currently members of the Cross-Party Welsh Assembly Beer and Pub Group, which was formed in June. It is chaired jointly by Nicholas Bourne, leader of Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly, and Labour AM Jeff Cuthbert.

***my bit on Don Shenker: I have mentioned before the taxpayer funded busybody that is Don. A fear mongering shit spouter of the worst type. Who I described as
"a self appointed New Labour spokesman on all matters booze related. A thin lipped puritan (who has a small cock probably) and who would not have been out of place in the last years of Cromwell's republic, flogging schoolboys who played football on a Sunday."
His fake charity according to its 2007/08 accounts, out of a total income of £903,246, Alcohol Concern received £515,000 (57%) from the Department of Health (£400,000 unrestricted and £115,000 in restricted funds). It received just £4,991 in public donations.

Another classic bit of fear mongering by Don was this on how drinking can leave you open to catching infections.

Why CAMRA and others who love the pubs, real ale and the social pub scene and responsible drinking tolerate that odious little puritan is beyond me? Having Don help the pubs is as advisable as putting Gary Glitter in charge of UK children's homes.

Without public funds to put across his odious puritanic views Don and his piss poor group of quango wallah's would dry up and blow away like old dog turds.

Oh and lastly the Welsh Arsembly should be closed down: a talking shop of 2nd raters, failed politico's, the socially inept, time servers and assorted do nothing fuckwads all happily living off the taxpayers of Wales.

Don Shenker - Fake charity shitspouter is a cunt.

Cross posted from The Lone Voice.

So who is Don Shenker I asked before? The answer is an unelected head of a state funded "charity" - a quango in other words - designed to put across the government message of higher taxes on the demon drink.

Like spots on a teen Don keeps popping up everywhere, so lets have a look at Don's "message"
SPLAT - Like a zit being burst Don splatters into the Daily Mail, to lay into ministers, bleating that they are colluding with the alcohol lobby to water down new warning labels on drinks. Putting out the message that its all about saving the children and to help pregnant women.

SQUEEZE and more puss from Don splatters forth the same message into theMorning Advertiser.
Two papers and online articles in the same day, hell MP's would cream their pants for coverage like that. Now note that no one has ever voted Don into any position of power what so ever.

The fake charities site has a lot more detail on alcohol concern. In effect an outsourced bit of government to push the policy of regulation, control and fear - as well as higher taxes.

One point Don and his puritanical ilk use is that of the so called booze units, the recommended guidelines that were in fact plucked out of the air and have no basis in real science what so ever:
Guidelines on safe alcohol consumption limits that have shaped health policy in Britain for 20 years were “plucked out of the air” as an “intelligent guess”.

The Times reveals today that the recommended weekly drinking limits of 21 units of alcohol for men and 14 for women, first introduced in 1987 and still in use today,had no firm scientific basis whatsoever.
Don even pretends to be helpful, what his help equates to is bans and extra costs, they openly push for the following:
  • Supports banning happy hours = higher costs.
  • Raising the price of alcohol = higher costs.
  • Banning glass bottles in pubs = higher costs.
  • Warning labels on cans and bottles = higher costs.
  • Along with the use of piss poor plastic glasses, now used in my town centre and another cost that struggling pubs have to deal with.
Best of all, get this from the Morning advertiser...Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker offered to work alongside the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) and think tank the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) to investigate ways to help responsible pubs survive.

As helpful to a struggling pub trade as a kick to the testicles, him helping pubs is like getting child care from Gary Glitter. The bloke is a curtain twitcher, a control freak who were he not on the state funded teat thanks to his fake charity, would be reporting his neighbors for putting the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin. Who knows maybe Don does that in his spare time?

Don every time you spread your prohibitionist shit, I shall be there to debunk it and spread the message that the perceived problem with booze is just that. A small problem affecting a small number of people, spun by lazy hacks, politicians out for tax raising and others with an axe to grind.

That in fact each and every day the vast majority of people go out, have a drink and do not: end up getting arrested, throwing up over a GP's shoes at 3AM, or causing any trouble what so ever.

That shock horror, they get up and carry as normal the next day and do not even pull a sickie.