Thursday, 24 September 2009

Splat - Don like a zit on the face of teen bursts forth.

I knew it would not take banning little puritan Don long to pop forth with more antibeer bile and like a hate filled puss loaded zit, here is quango boss Don with another load of self appointed, unelected regulators: From the Morning Advertiser

A powerful alliance of health campaigners and a top policeman are urging the Government not to shelve its mandatory alcohol retailing code.

It’s in response to a leaked document that shows Business Secretary Lord Mandelson calling for the introduction of the controversial measure, which is expected to add more costs to firms, to be delayed due to the recession.

Campaigners accused Business Secretary Lord Mandelson of “pandering to big business concerns” and say delay would be a “costly error”.

The group — made of Association of Chief Police Officers’ Mike Craik, Alcohol Health Alliance chief Ian Gilmore, Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker and Alison Rogers, chief executive of the British Liver Trust — expressed their view in a joint letter to the Times.

The code would force pubs to follow conditions, including offering smaller drinks servings and curbs on drinks promotions, including all-you-can-drink deals.

The letter says Mandelson’s call for the code to be shelved “is a matter of concern for those interested in reducing the rate of crime, health harm and anti-social behaviour on our streets".

It says the code “was already a long overdue measure” when it was announced six months ago.
“Delaying the measure until 2011 — effectively shelving it indefinitely — would be a costly error and appears to pander to big business concerns over profit at the expense of safer streets and public health.

The usual shower of the self appointed, the righteous and members of the police who have gotten above their station and forget their job is to enforce the law not create it.

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