Friday, 23 October 2009

Health Nazi's losing the fight as a poll shows.

A hat tip to Brew Wales for this one as well as Obo and Mr Eugenides

Fake Charity Alcohol Focus, the Tundra-based Government-funded equivalent of Alcohol Concern has an interesting survey on it's website.

The question it asks is:

"Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society. I support minimum pricing"
Visitors to the site then have a choice of yes or no.

At the time of posting 6403 people have voted and the percentages are Yes 4% and No 96%.

As the people have spoken surely the time has been reached where these fake charities have their Government funding withdrawn? This Nulieber social engineering is a waste of public money - a way to try and persuade us that we have to conform to their way of thinking - and they way they do this is to pay fake charities such as Alcohol Concern, Alcohol Focus and even have Alcohol Concern Wales now, to produce scare stories and made up statistics to frighten and brainwash the public into believing their propaganda.

Hurrah, the public are not as stupid as public sector non-job shrills like Don would have us believe!

The Indy quotes Don's shit.

Oh dear its a poor day, lots of lazy reporting. The Independent deserves a clip around the ear for lazy reporting and what's worse not reporting the utter arse bilge that Don issues by the gallon from his top bottom.

Apparently the demon drink will kill a person every second according to scientists.

Now apparently a study by the "Alcohol and Health Research Unit" - oh er! Go check the Fake Charities website, its a taxpayer funded wankfest quango -  (AHRU), which explores the link between consumption and alcohol-related deaths in the UK for the first time, predicts that excessive drinking will kill 90,800 people by 2019. The number of deaths has jumped from 3,054 in 1984 to 8,999 in 2008.

Then they quote Don, strange I did not realise that he was a scientist. Although what with the dumbing down in the schools under Labour, no doubt he qualified with a C+ in Media Studies from a Polyversity before fucking off to the public sector to be a joyless shrill.

Don, you keep quoting and I shall keep ripping your arsewater apart.

Don Shenker - Fake charity shitspouter get coverage for his rubbish.

First up Don has his utter arsewater bilge reported in the Publican. Shame on them an otherwise good trade read being stupid enough to report on a shrill for the fake charity Alcohol Concern.

A man(and I use that word in the loosest possible context of the word) that seeks to bugger the beer trade senseless with over regulation and raise more taxes under the false pretext of "public health"

A health chief has today branded anti-binge government campaigns as “pretty dull” and argued that trying to “persuade” people not to drink too much is not enough. - So fuck off then Don, close down the fake Charity and go get a real job in the private sector you utter parasite.

Don Shenker, chief executive of Alcohol Concern, said the best way to tackle the issues was through increasing taxes and introducing minimum pricing – and cheap alcohol in the home was adding to the problem. Ah yes the prime message of the public sector, to keep the bloated taxpayer funded quango wankers like yourself in a non-job.

Speaking at a conference on women and binge-drinking, Shenker said if people could be “persuaded” not to drink too much “that would be a wonderful thing”. But he added: “I just don’t buy that.” - And I don't buy your B/S either Don. 50+ pubs a week are shutting their doors for good and you want to hammer nails in the coffin of the trade; you utter cunt.

“Stamping out loss-leaders from supermarkets and raising the price could be the quickest way to minimise harm to young people,” he said. So not planning on urging the police to enforce existing laws that stop the wee bairns from supping ale then?

He later added: “Some government adverts are pretty dull, it has to be said.”

However Shenker, who admitted he enjoyed visiting “well-run” pubs, did not directly acknowledge the £100m Campaign for Smarter Drinking launched earlier this year by the drinks industry, backed by the Department of Health. Gosh 100 million and we still fund non jobs like Don, nice to see our money being wasted.

Cheap alcohol being brought into the home by parents was also contributing to the problem of young people and alcohol, Shenker added. Any evidence? Oh sorry I forgot you run on fear, innuendo and state funded bullshit.

“There’s more incentive because it’s cheaper and there’s more alcohol in the home,” he said, pointing to figures showing that 80 per cent of 11-15 year-olds with parents who disapproved had not drunk alcohol.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families, Shenker revealed, is due to launch a campaign next year encouraging parents to be more responsible about the messages they pass on to their offspring about alcohol.

And on the issue of underage sales, Shenker called for the Challenge 25 scheme to become a condition of licence for all off-licences. Despite the law stating you need to be 18 to drink, so is there a change in the law being planned Don?

Earlier, at the event organised by the charity YWCA, Professor Ian Gilmore, chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said women were the “new kids on the block” when it comes to binge-drinking.

But he said they were catching up with men, with a rise of 50 per cent in the last five years of young women in the North West being treated for alcohol problems.

Gilmore also pointed to a rise in the problem of passive drinking, arguing “we should be emphasising this much more”. Gilmore is also another puritanical thin lipped cunt that hates anyone enjoying themselves, still one knows a shit by the company they keep; isn't that right Don.

In also backing calls for minimum pricing, Gilmore criticised Gordon Brown for suggesting it will hit the responsible majority and introducing it will be “missing an opportunity to save lives”.

But he concluded: “We are not calling for a return to prohibition.” - Yes you are, go play with a rusty razor blade you scum.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Shit spouting Don is back in the Daily Mirror

Another rent a quote from the fake charity head Don. Don who is the paid shrill of Alcohol Concern is pumping his rubbish into the Mirror.

Alcohol 'will kill 90,000 more over next 10 years' - Gosh really Don, another made up figure? 

The number of alcohol-related deaths has tripled in the past 25 years, shocking figures reveal. -Yet consumption overall has decreased, strange that Don?

And 90,800 people - the equivalent to a packed Wembley Stadium - could die over the next 10 years. - Ah now its could die, come on Don make your tiny tax payer funded mind up.

The Alcohol Concern survey found the number of alcohol-related deaths soared from 3,054 in 1984 to 8,999 in 2008. - Ah right blanket figures spun out of context, very good Don.

Chief executive Don Shenker said: "This is an unacceptably high death toll and the worst part is that all these deaths are avoidable.

"This rise also runs in parallel with the growing affordability of alcohol." - Yep keep pushing the prohibitionist message Don.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ay up, this site has been spotted.

One of my regular reads the Pub Curmudgeon has noticed that this site is none to pleased with Don and his constant puritanical shit spouting.