Friday, 23 October 2009

The Indy quotes Don's shit.

Oh dear its a poor day, lots of lazy reporting. The Independent deserves a clip around the ear for lazy reporting and what's worse not reporting the utter arse bilge that Don issues by the gallon from his top bottom.

Apparently the demon drink will kill a person every second according to scientists.

Now apparently a study by the "Alcohol and Health Research Unit" - oh er! Go check the Fake Charities website, its a taxpayer funded wankfest quango -  (AHRU), which explores the link between consumption and alcohol-related deaths in the UK for the first time, predicts that excessive drinking will kill 90,800 people by 2019. The number of deaths has jumped from 3,054 in 1984 to 8,999 in 2008.

Then they quote Don, strange I did not realise that he was a scientist. Although what with the dumbing down in the schools under Labour, no doubt he qualified with a C+ in Media Studies from a Polyversity before fucking off to the public sector to be a joyless shrill.

Don, you keep quoting and I shall keep ripping your arsewater apart.

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