Friday, 23 October 2009

Health Nazi's losing the fight as a poll shows.

A hat tip to Brew Wales for this one as well as Obo and Mr Eugenides

Fake Charity Alcohol Focus, the Tundra-based Government-funded equivalent of Alcohol Concern has an interesting survey on it's website.

The question it asks is:

"Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society. I support minimum pricing"
Visitors to the site then have a choice of yes or no.

At the time of posting 6403 people have voted and the percentages are Yes 4% and No 96%.

As the people have spoken surely the time has been reached where these fake charities have their Government funding withdrawn? This Nulieber social engineering is a waste of public money - a way to try and persuade us that we have to conform to their way of thinking - and they way they do this is to pay fake charities such as Alcohol Concern, Alcohol Focus and even have Alcohol Concern Wales now, to produce scare stories and made up statistics to frighten and brainwash the public into believing their propaganda.

Hurrah, the public are not as stupid as public sector non-job shrills like Don would have us believe!

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