Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Don Shenker - Fake charity shitspouter forces Everton to remove sign

Don the self appointed spokesperson and censor rattles his cage:
Everton FC have removed an advert for a super strength spirit from Goodson Park after concern was raised by alcohol campaingers.

The Toffees had be criticised over the billboard advert for the the 89.9% 'Hapsburg Absinthe' on a hoarding mounted above the Family Enclosure.

Absinthe, nicknamed "devil water", is notorious for its dangerously high alcohol content and was outlawed in the UK until 1998.

Last year, Everton announced that they were the first Premiership club to remove their shirt sponsor, Chang Beer, from their replica shirts, to shield youngsters from alcohol promotion.

Alcohol Concern campaign group Chief Executive Don Shenker had criticised the placement of the Absinthe advert in Everton's family enclosure.

Mr Shenker said: "There's no point removing drinks logos from shirts if advertising hoardings are promoting to children one of the strongest drinks around.

"The heavy marketing and promotion of alcohol, combined with low prices - are encouraging young people to drink at a level our health services are struggling to cope with.

"A ban on sponsorship of sports by drinks companies would be a good start.

"Some countries like France have already banned alcohol-related sports sponsorship and have proved sports can survive without it.

"A complete ban on alcohol sponsorship of sport and music events will put a stop to alcohol companies associating the glamour of sport with drinking alcohol."

A family values group had also called for the advert to be taken down.

Dr Adrian Rogers of Family Focus said: "It's a matter of being consistent - if you refuse to advertise alcohol on childrens' shirts then you should not advertise it where parents go to watch games with their children."

Last month, the lethal beverage was banned in New Zealand after a teenager was left fighting for his life after repeatedly downing shots of the spirit.

The dangerous drink also contributed to the death of a Grimsby father-of-three Martyn Hurst, 49, who died last month after consuming excessive amounts of the drink following a friend's funeral.

Earlier this month, the British Medical Association launched a bid to have a total ban on alcohol advertising in the public domain including at music events and football matches.

Professor Gerard Hastings of the BMA said: "Given the alcohol industry spends £800 million a year in promoting alcohol in the UK, it is no surprise that children and young people see it everywhere on TV, billboards or football sponsorship deals.

"All these promotional activities serve to normalise alcohol as an essential part of every day life. It is no surprise that young people are drawn to alcohol."

A spokesman for Everton FC confirmed that the club have removed the sign from the section but refused to comment.

Note that Don is not a politician, no one voted for Don, no one elected Don to any public office - he is an employee of a quango that receives most of its funding from the public purse.

Everton need to put their hands down their trousers and see if they still have any testicles left, oh no it would appear they have been neutered by Don Shenker the fake charity puritanical shitspouter.

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  1. Very nice site. Good to see someone putting the time in to go on ShenkerWatch. One reservation - please put his picture the right way up, it makes me queasy. Especially after a few drinks.