Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Don starting off 2010 with lies and hype....

So much like 2009 then really.

First up a fluff scare the plebs bit of nonsense from rubbish tabloid The Daily Star on the shock horror of supermarkets supplying customer demand for cheap booze.

Don Shenker, of Alcohol Concern, said: “Supermarkets which sell alcohol at pocket money prices are contributing to the problems which alcohol can cause.” - See the sidebar on how the price has actually gone up in real terms repeatedly thanks to rises in duty by HM Govt.

Next up prohibitionist Don trots out the we have to save children argument. URGENT action to raise the cost of booze was demanded today after a shock survey revealed the true extent of Birmingham’s underage drinking problem.

Pressure group Fake Charity funded by your tax money Alcohol Concern said the price of beer needed to rise.

The organisation spoke out after the shocking drinking figures were laid bare in a city council scrutiny report into drug and alcohol misuse among adults and children in Birmingham.
Chief executive Don Shenker said: “Sadly it’s now the norm for schoolchildren to be drinking at younger ages.
“And when they do drink, they are drinking larger amounts that are beyond youthful experimentation.
“Without government action on pocket-money prices and easy availability of alcohol, this is a worrying trend that’s likely to continue.” 

But Don misses the point that they are in fact, underage. Therefore breaking the law and what he is pushing for is to punish those who obey the law, rather than the young criminals. Maybe if the police and Blunkett's bobbies spent a bit more time enforcing the law, the problem could be dealt with.

Next up Don trots out the same old lies and half truths on BBC Pravda
Don Shenker, from campaign group fake taxpayer funded quango Alcohol Concern, told the BBC the proposals would not prevent people being able to "pre-load" with alcohol from supermarkets, and would not stop pubs and clubs selling a pint of lager for under £1.
"It is just tinkering with the price issue rather than decisive action," he said. "We need a minimum price per unit of alcohol which will affect pubs, clubs, off-licences and supermarkets."
Earlier this month, a Commons health select committee report estimated that a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol would prevent 3,000 deaths a year.
Despite there being no evidence that 50p a unit - see the sidebar on how units are meaningless - will in fact save any lives at all.

Next up the lie that booze has become cheaper, when in fact it has risen is trotted out to the press association.
Chief Executive of waste of my tax cash fake charity Alcohol Concern Don Shenker said that the falling price of alcohol in recent decades had boosted the amount Britons drink. He said: "The attitude that has been created is that alcohol is an ordinary commodity. Now we can buy alcohol in supermarkets it's all over the place, it's not separated off any more."
Do check the sidebar again on the lie about cheap booze, remember HM Govt gets a cut from every pint you drink. Oh and the shock, the horror that ordinary poor folk can go and buy the demon drink without it being "separated off any more.", we really must end the free market.

Down with that sort of thing.

Another quote from this unelected chap in The Mirror, a paper well known for its lack of reporting and making up of scare stories.
Don Shenker of Alcohol Concern said the Government was "tinkering" when "decisive action" was needed.
Here is some action for you Don, why don't you get off the taxpayer funded gravy train, get a real job and fuck the fuck off.

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