Saturday, 9 January 2010

Any excuse to nanny.

Next up from the Nanny state, you will love this one.

The Express has a story on some drunk driver who was 5 times over the legal limit which of course is the perfect excuse for fake charity head man Don, to call for you all to be punished with higher taxes.

Don Shenker, of quango Alcohol Concern, said: “Drink driving causes fatalities and misery for those involved in accidents.

“The relative risk of a drink-drive accident increases significantly after 50mg in 100ml blood alcohol.”

Another excuse for Don to nanny. Remember Don is paid for by your taxes, funded by you to lobby HM Govt for tighter controls and more taxes on your drinks.

No one voted for him, elected him to any public office and yet there he is spreading his half truths and lies on the demon drink.

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  1. And of course the cunt wants to cut the drink-drive limit which will lead to thousands more pubs closing (and not necessarily save a single life). There's no pub as good as a closed and boarded pub, is there, Don?