Saturday, 9 January 2010

Don back in the media at your expense.

First up we have a Pravda style media spin over at Community Care.

Now before I put Don's rubbish across remember that his group is a quango, a small fake charity that is funded by your taxes in order to parrot the government's message.

Fake charity head of Alcohol Concern, Don Shenker said: "Giving the alcohol industry the upper hand is creating a catastrophe for the nation's health.

"With thousands of avoidable deaths and billions of pounds cost to the NHS, it beggars belief that the government is still dithering. "

Public health minister Gillian Merron said the government had adopted a strategic approach to tackling alcohol abuse but accepted that current levels of alcohol-related hospital admissions, crime and death were unacceptably high.

She said: "We will consider all of the committee's proposals carefully and respond to them formally in due course."

See what happened there, we have someone paid for by your money putting across the exact same message as HM Govt. Remember Don is there paid for by you, to call for more taxes on YOU.

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