Monday, 12 April 2010

Don carries on lying.

There are lies, venal lies and statistics. Don like all the non job, 3rd sector fake charity parasites uses them all.

First up we have a fluff nonsense story that middle age women are at serious risk, in The Express.

The overpaid(from your tax money) head of Fake Charity Alcohol Concern’s Don Shenker said: “It’s easy to see why middle-aged women do not equate a sedate evening in with a few glasses of wine with the alcopops and all-you-can drink culture of youth but the health implications are no less worrying.

“Part of the problem is binge drinking being associated with young people, alcohol-dependent adults, rowdy nights out and public disorder. As the survey shows, the reality is much more complex and widespread.”

I thought of many comments on this rubbish produced and recycled by The Express as a story and yet the best comment was actually in the comments just below Don's tax payer funded words.

Strange the ladies surveyed did not know they were binge drinking until the surveyor told them what binge drinking was.

What is the definition of binge drinking, it was not in the article. Is it confidential or is it a move able feast, changes so the survey comes out with the answer the surveyor wants.
Ive had never seen such a plethorat of meaningless statistics.
Take the figure for admissions, 14 304, meaningless until a time frame is specified, a week, a month, a year, or is it the number currently in hospital, or what.

There are lies, venal lies and statistics.

As to not being able to state how many units are in a glass of wine, nobody actually knows, not least the expert.

A unit is, I understand a centilitre of alcohol however this definition is one the same experts do not wish to us to use. The alcoholic content of a glass of wine will vary according to the strength of the wine and the size of the glass both of which are infinitely variable. again we were not privileged to know the answer used in this survey.

In a similar vein, no one has the right to give a ticking off to adults for legal life style choices we are continually being badgered with advice about this and about that but these same people will not say a dickey bird about the pitfalls of sexual lifestyle choices and promiscuity which probably costs far more problems.

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