Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Binge Drinkers Still Fail To Heed Warnings(that's made up warnings folks)

An here we go again with the latest installment of made up lies, half truths and spun facts from fake charity (over paid from your taxes) head Don Shenker.

Sky report that "One in 10 people plan to drink more than 40 units of alcohol during an evening out, according to research."

That is the equivalent of twice the recommended weekly limit for men and three times the weekly recommended maximum for women.

The figures were discovered following research into the drinking habits of 214 people in Liverpool, Manchester and Chester.

The scientists took them through a series of interviews, breath tests and assessments of their levels of drunkenness, such as slurred speech and ability to walk.

From the overall sample, 80% said they intended to drink more before returning home, with one in 10 believing their total alcohol intake would be more than 40 units before bedtime.

Sorry to interrupt this tale of health terror by the state funded fear merchants at Alcohol Concern, but do have a look at the side bar. There you will see that the "units of alcohol" is a fact a meaningless figure plucked out of the air. A spot of fag packet maths created by a scientist years ago.

A spokeswoman for the independent charity(euphemism for a fake charity/lobbyist group funded by vast amounts of taxpayers money) Drink Aware said such an amount was "unfortunately not unusual".
"We know of one young girl who, over the week, drank 213 units.
"This country has a culture of drinking and, whereas it used to be about the enjoyment of drinking, it's often now about going out to get drunk, and that's all."
Drink Aware believes the way to curb the level of drinking is through education - teaching people the damage they can do to their bodies if they drink such amounts on a regular basis.
Sadly though, they fail to mention that they lobby our MP's, receive most of their cash from your taxes and call for ever higher controls and duties to be imposed on your evening tipple. 

(fake charity)Alcohol Concern's Don Shenker told Sky News Online: "Men who regularly drink over 50 units a week and women who regularly drink over 35 units a week are considered "high risk" and very likely to develop alcohol-related health problems.
"That some people are drinking over these amounts in a single evening is cause for real concern.
"This study highlights the increasingly heavy drinking culture in the UK and the lack of understanding, or complete disregard for the potential health and social harms that can result."
Yes, thank you Don. No one elected you, no one voted for you and yet your lobby group raids our wallets, gets money from the Dept of Health, has no offices on the high street doing real charity work. 

When you stand for office and get elected to the The Commons on your ban booze ticket only then should you be telling us what the national policy should be. 

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