Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sky fed non story by lobbyist Don Shenker.

Shame on you SKY, falling for Don's lies and half truths.

Still you have to start with a headline, so make it a shocking one:
One in 10 people plans to drink more than 40 units of alcohol during an evening out, according to research.

That would be the meaningless units, see the sidebar its all there. Apparently a unit was created by some bored boffin on the back of a fag packet and is based on absolutely nothing.

That is the equivalent of twice the recommended weekly limit for men and three times the weekly recommended maximum for women.

That would be recommended weekly limits created by the same boffins who created the meaningless units.

The figures were discovered following research into the drinking habits of 214 people in Liverpool, Manchester and Chester.

Nice to see that they took a large base for this, a whole 214 folk.

The scientists took them through a series of interviews, breath tests and assessments of their levels of drunkenness, such as slurred speech and ability to walk.
From the overall sample, 80% said they intended to drink more before returning home, with one in 10 believing their total alcohol intake would be more than 40 units before bedtime.
Yea Gods, do SKY not have the common sense to see they have been fed a prepared story by a lobby group Alcohol Concern, a group that is funded by YOU. They are not a charity, at least not in any meaningful way, instead they misuse the charities act; pass themselves off as a charity whilst pushing a political agenda calling for regulations and higher prices on your tipple.

Anyway over to the lobbyist Don who told Sky News Online: "Men who regularly drink over 50 units a week and women who regularly drink over 35 units a week are considered 'high risk' and very likely to develop alcohol-related health problems.

Now note the use of the scare word "likely", despite the fact its based on meaningless units. Its likely that one day Don may discover that he has a pointless job, develop a backbone and leave the public teat for a real job in the private sector. Ok, not very likely but it might happen if his beloved Labour lose and your tax money is not mis-used to fund puritanical lobby groups.

"That some people are drinking over these amounts in a single evening is cause for real concern.

"This study highlights the increasingly heavy drinking culture in the UK and the lack of understanding, or complete disregard for the potential health and social harms that can result."

More lies and hype from Don will be reported, as an when someone in the media is stupid enough to give him the time of day.

Please note, should Don have a problem with the facts he has the right to reply, come on Don over to you....

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