Friday, 14 May 2010

Time to give it up, a message to Don Shenker of Alcohol Concern.

Your mono eyed paymaster has gone, okay you have a budget for this year but with luck this new government will slash your fake charity along with all the translators for Somali pirates claiming asylum and diversity tree hugger non jobs.

See what I really dislike about your organisation is not the lies so much, or the half truths, or the fact lazy 2nd rate reporters take your shit and put it out as fact; oh no it is the fact that you misuse the charities act.

How so people will ask, and so I shall explain. Most charities, real ones that is help those who need help. We have all seen them, the numerous shops on the high street filled with OAP's, collecting cash for everything from cancer suffers to abandoned dogs.

They are staffed with helpers who give their time for causes they believe in and do a lot of good work, often with little or no thanks or publicity.

Then we come to Alcohol Concern and groups like it, no shops on the highstreet, no folk giving their time and most of their cash comes from your pocket. Yes that is right, central government gives them cash via the Welsh Assembly, NHS etc etc. Less than 1% of their budget was through donations.

Indeed they help not one drunk get off the demon booze, unlike outreach centres who do the practical hands on work. Instead they lobby.

They lobby government, using your money to do so, taking cash from the NHS and councils that could be used by proper charities to help people in need.

Sadly the charities act allows lobby groups with paid staff to claim they are charitable, even if their only aim is to keep themselves employed and to increase taxes on our pleasures.

One day Don, the axe will fall on your group and others like the potato marketing board(yes it's real Google it) and I will be there laughing as the wind blows alcohol concern away like a dried up dog turd.

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