Monday, 7 December 2009

A challange to Don Shenker.

Don has been given lots of media airtime, lots of ink in the dead wood press and lots and lots of hard working taxpayers money to fund his rather shoddy quango.

Worst of all organisation that support beer drinkers like CAMRA, have also given Don the time of day, which is like someone popping in to see Sweeney Todd for a quick shave.

He has repeated again and again the same old lies on how beer is cheaper than ever, gives us all cancer and reduces us all to mindless animals; who of course need taxing and controlling by all knowing folk like Don.

So here is the challenge to Mr Shenker and his fellow New Labour loving puritans, I will match you fact for fact, debunk your spin and take you on in a debate any day of the week.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere as the old saying go's. Not holding my breath on this mind you, as spin is far easier at a distance rather than openly debated with lots of facts, rather than lies on booze units and cancer.


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