Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Don Shenker tells his fibs to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail ran a story on the rise in the numbers admitted into hospital due to the demon drink and so naturally went to taxpayer funded quango head Don for a statement.

Don Shenker, chief executive of Alcohol Concern the fake charity that gains most of its funding from the public purse, said: 'This is a shocking indictment on the Government's failure to tackle harms from alcohol misuse."

Gosh is it Don, is it really? An what pray tell is your liberal and wise solution to the problem?
'The Government must take strong measures on the affordability and availability of alcohol to reduce the unnecessary burden on the NHS and improve everyone's health.'
Must they? So we need further tax rises and restrictions on the availability of alcohol so that drunk folk are not clogging up the A&E departments. How about this Don, why don't you stand for public office, you know become an MP, stand on that ticket and see if you can get elected.

I bet you won't even get 10 votes Don an it will be a well deserved oblivion and deposit lost; far easier to suckle on at the public teat lapping up my taxes and moralising against the public having a tipple.

See here is a solution an it involves no tax rises what so ever, or restrictions on anyone. If someone is found drunk, then treat them an also nick them for being drunk and disorderly. The laws are already there on the statute books, a fine from PC plod and a hangover is the result.

Problem resolved. No need for restrictions, or quango's like yours sucking the cash from the public purse.

Lastly what is always missed in this sort of anti-drink bullshit, is this simple fact. For every drunk nicked, for every violent assult or idiot who throws up over a doctors shoes at 3AM in A&E; millions of folk have had a good night out.

Not been arrested, not gotten into a fight, thrown up or come into conflict with either the authorities or their fellow drinkers; but should that little inconvenient truth come out the taxpayers may wonder quite why Don is paid from their hard earned taxes...

Come on Don go get a real job and stop lying to us.

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