Saturday, 19 December 2009

Don spouts his rubbish on the Boots website.

Such a shame Boots give Don the time of day....
Don Shenker, the Chief Executive of fake charity Alcohol Concern, says he welcomes the new guidelines, which he says will “enable parents to be better informed about the health risks under 18s face when drinking. The guidelines will especially help parents who want to establish clear boundaries with their children and clarify that drinking above these guidelines carries increased health risks,” he says.

Lets just debunk this myth, first off the figures are based on non science. The alcohol units were plucked out of the air and are utterly meaningless(see sidebar for more), also everyone has a different tolerance towards alcohol.

The British Liver Trust also welcomed the new guidance, saying it would help children grow up with a healthy respect for alcohol. Alison Rogers, the Trust’s Chief Executive, says “we would like to welcome the official recognition of the importance of the parents’ role in establishing sensible drinking patterns for their children and the fact that this guidance provides clear and unambiguous clinically-based advice.”

However, Don Shenker says it’s important to remember there are many factors affecting young people’s drinking other than what parents say. "The easy availability of alcohol at pocket money prices is far more important, and the government should consider getting tough on cheap sales to help tackle underage drinking,” he says.

What Don misses is that it is illegal for under 18's to purchase alcohol and increasing taxes just hits the innocent drinkers; not the teens who load up on alco pops from the corner shop. Maybe better policing would be a better option?

Of course Don and his fake charity, funded by the UK taxpayers via the NHS and local authority handouts are there to do Labour's business and increase taxes(that is the sole reason for Alcohol Concern).

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