Sunday, 20 December 2009

Is Alcohol Concern breaking the rules on what is a charity?

The Charity Commission's guidelines on campaigning and political activity state that "an organisation will not be charitable if its purposes are political". It states that trustees must not allow the charity to be used as a vehicle for the expression of the political views of any individual trustee or staff member.

As its aims tally 100% with the views of the Department of Health, that it lobbies in government and frequently calls on politicians to increase taxation, duties and regulations on the nations drinkers; quite how can Alcohol Concern be classed as non political?

Add to that the fact that almost 100% of its funding comes from government sources, the NHS budget, local authorities and the like and we see that it is in fact a lobby group for prohibitionists. 

So I have popped a complaint off to the charities commission who oversee the UK charities, I do hope that they contact Don as well...

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